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Outdoor Gym

OUTDOOR GYM is situated in the park and consists of a variety of the exercise equipment, where each of you can go in for sport and meet the target among the nature. The equipment is located at the running path and is a perfect addition to the running training.  The devices are waiting for you in a fabulous environment, away from the hustle and bustle, among the birdsongs and the fabulous nature. The exercises on these devices are available to everyone.

These outdoor equipment is at your disposal:

  • elliptical trainer - increases the strength of upper and lower limbs and develops the hip muscles; improves the circulatory system, increases the coordination of movements
  • rowing machine - strengthens and builds the muscles of the upper and lower extremities, the chest and the abdomen
  • upper body chest press - strengthens the muscles of the upper limbs, the arms and the back muscles and increases the flexibility and efficiency of the arms and knees joints
  • waist shaper - exercises on the waist shaper are used to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the hips
  • air walker - strengthens the muscles of the legs and hips, imitates the movement of running with the minimal impact on the joints
  • surfer - strengthens the heart muscles, improves the circulation and the digestive system, smoothing the muscles. It‘s suitable for people with the lower back and lower limb pain
  • twister - strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and waist
  • biceps trainer - improves the structure of the shoulder muscles, especially the biceps

The gym is intended for adults and children over 14 years old. The children under 14 years old can use the equipment only under the supervision of the adults. The users under 140 cm tall cannot use the equipment.

There is gravel on JOGGING PATHWAY and thanks to the trees, it is partly sheltered from the wind and the sun. Trainings on the open air have a great impact on the body, improve the circulation and condition, strengthen the muscles and even change the mood. The outdoor recreation will bring the relaxation for everyone and allow you to break away from your duties and everyday routine.

There is a beautiful LAKE right next to the park where you can relax after training .


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