About J&J Hotel

Child friendly hotel

J&J Hotel offers many facilities for children. The youngest can use:

  • CHILD AND YOUTH SWIMMING POOL is 80 cm depth with the warm water at around 29.8 degrees. There are 2 SWIMMING POOL SLIDES, which are undoubtedly a very interesting attraction.
  • KIDDIE POOL is for the smallest with a depth from 5 cm to 20 cm. It has a temperature of around 29.8 degrees. It is an ideal environment for habituating even babies to the water.
  • COLORFUL PLAYGROUND in which children can spend time on carefree fun. Playground is adapted to the different age groups, thus allowing free fun for the whole family. All attractions are located in a safe area on a comfortable surface, where children can play the best and catch the sun's rays. The playground is located near the jogging track and outdoor gym, so you can combine children's play with taking care of your own form.
  • Group activity for children and teenagers take place at J&J Sport Center on many occasions:
  • In summer, we organize SUMMER HOLIDAYS CAMP, of course, including sport activity. We provide a professional team of instructors and trainers of various specialties, tasty food served at our Restaurant, and medical care. Football classes, swimming lessons, quad biking, bumper ball and many other activities are provided in the program and organized during the camp.It is possible for a child to participate even for ONE DAY filled with sports activityfrom 8.00-17.00. We invite you to register your child by phone or at the reception!
  • All-year-round LEARNING AND IMPROVING SWIMMING lessons run by the Delfin Sport. swimming school take place at the center.
  • Individual and sectional TENNIS TRAININGS are supervised by the Tennis School Sport On Jacek Zając.
  • We organize FAMILY ENTERTAIMENTS. In addition to delicious meals and a pleasant setting, we will adapt to the requirements of the menu or diversify the time by introducing a pinch of sport activity, interesting games and competitions for children and adults.





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